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Travel Information

Price changes:

CLUB EPO-SKI reserves the right to amend the prices when unexpected changes to the transport costs, surcharges and fluctuations in the exchange rate.
These extra costs if unavoidable will be passed on to the participants.

Conditions and preferences:

Where a personal request is a condition of the booking, the booking will only be valid so long as the condition can be met.
Where a personal request is made but is not a condition of the booking, CLUB EPO-SKI will endeavour to meet these requests, but cannot however guarantee they will be met.


Smoking is prohibited in the bus during all CLUB EPO-SKI trips. Whenever possible we will break the journey, on request, for the smokers amongst us.
Please be aware that national regulations are constantly changing and may limit your smoking activities.

Wintersport and cancellation insurance:

All persons on booking a CLUB EPO-SKI trip are strongly advised to insure against wintersport and cancellation costs.

Dietary requirements:

Anyone who requires special dietary arrangements should stipulate this clearly on the booking form.