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The mountain sun demands special protection !

Even when the sun is shining it can be quite icy on the snow. That's why it's necessary to use specially produces creams.

What, amongst others, will the skin suffer from ?

When one is skiing at normal speed the affection of the ski velocity wind causes a cooling to -20 C. degrees centigrade. To a skier that would be about -30 C., and to someone sweeping down the mountain in javelin fashion the face may look forward to a temperature of 35 C. below zero.
So it is not really surprising that, winter upon winter, producers of cosmetics keep repeating that purchasing anti-freeze or antisunburn products is just as important as buying a warm ski suit. Especially during the first few days you must be very attentive.

Every thousand meters you ascend the piste the intensity of the ultraviolet rays increases by 20%.

The as yet still pale tender winter skins are pretty eager to get well burnt. Ten minutes in the sun and your face is burning already ! It doesn't take much actually, for when you engage in wintersports skins burn much faster than on the beach during the summer. If you add to this that snow reflects the rays in an enormous way, you can imagine that the skin must be well covered.