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A small tube of cream: just as important as a warm ski suit !

  1. Buy a cream or lotion with a large propection factor (for example n° 10). The higher the protection rate, the smaller the chance to get burnt.
  2. Even when the sun is not shining smearing must take place, for also in this event the hazardous rays are lurking round the corner or at the piste.
  3. Think of your lips as well ! Get a good lip balsam. Lips are highly sensitive and should be well cared from.
  4. Bring along some vaseline! A simply but very efficient remedy. It is an unadulterated natural product and even the most sensitive skin will agree with it. Moreover, it's cheap !
  5. Bear in mind that the cream used during the summer holidays is not suited for winter sports holidays. The fact of the matter is that a lot of water has been put in it, and you can bet your sweet life it will freeze when you sweep down the piste quite speedily. Creams for a skiing holiday contain virtually no moist but to the contrary a lot of fat so that the skin will get extra protection against desiccation and cold. 6
  6. Concerning items 1to 5: Believe us, this is no sales talk. Provided you adhere to the foregoing there is little chance you'll return with a painful skin !