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Health Insurance (CIGNA)

As the winter sport season is back again, it is perhaps appropiate to remind the personnel about the health insurance cover for the practice of various sports. In general, the medical treatment costs incurred as a consequence of sporting acvtivities are reimbursed, including the costs arising from any necessary transportation from the place of the accident to a local hospital.

This cover is also valid for dangerous sports, such as skiing, under the condition that one has observer normal safety rules. Repatriation costs are discussed below.

Travel Insurance

Our medical insurance has a world-wide cover, equally valid during holidays. It is thus not necessary to cover these costs in an extra travel insurance.
However, repatriation costs, for example to the Netherlands (think of a "plaster cast flight" for winter sports casualties) is only covered if there is a medical need for the transport. As this is seldom the case, it is advised to insured there repatriation costs by means of a travel insurance.


Will you too be among the lucky ones that are going to enjoy a (well earned) CLUB EPO-SKI winter sports holiday in an area in France, Italy, Canada or the USA covered by a guaranteed mass of snow? Well then, do the right thing and read the following.

While (great) accidents spring from small causes, obviously, when practising winter sports the chances of meeting with an accident are fully present. Despite all warnings issued by the media and the precautions taken by many a holiday-maker, many thousands of accidents big and small do happen yet again each year. The annual ’plaster flights’ for the perforce and premature return of ’crocks’ to Holland are proof of this. Whereas travel insurance for a ’normal’ holiday is indeed indispensable, proper insurance in respect of a winter sports holiday carrying a much higher risk is an absolute necessity altogether.

So, do not take any unnecessary risks and take out a good travel insurance for those few euros a day. Only then you will rest assured on the long runners.